10 things that require zero talent

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Improve your small business overnight with these invaluable self-improvement tips.

10 things that require zero talent - some say it was scribbled on a blackboard by a school cleaner. Others say it started as a motivational thread on Reddit. But regardless of its mysterious origin, the list is still changing people's lives today.


As a small business owner or sole trader, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Perhaps you think you’re not talented enough to pull off the job or don’t have the right skills. But trust us, if you follow these 10 tips you will propel your business forward.


1. Being On Time


As a small business owner, first impressions are everything. You may feel that being 15 minutes late “is not a big deal”. After all, you’re not in the industry of saving lives. But punctuality is a powerful way to show respect. It makes others realise you value their time.


2. Work Ethic


No matter what job or challenge is thrown at you, in every aspect of your life, you will tackle progress in the exact same way - this is your work ethic. Someone with a strong work ethic is disciplined, quick to communicate and has a high sense of integrity.


3. Effort


Let’s take some wisdom from basketballer, Michael Jordan: “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty six times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”


4. Body Language


You don’t need to be a social scientist to master positive body language. Be open, maintain good eye contact and smile. They may seem like small gestures, but our nonverbal body language heavily impacts the way others think of us. Check out Amy Cuddy’s brilliant Ted Talk about body language for business success.


5. Energy


Energy operates on a spectrum. Sometimes you meet people with low energy. They may come across as boring, centred or relaxed. Sometimes you meet people with high energy. They may across as confident, loud or silly. According to Social Pro, those who are successful can adjust their energy to match those around them.


6. Attitude


Attitude plays a major role in your professional relationships. As a small business owner, having a good attitude is an easy way to inspire others to achieve your vision. Ask yourself - How do I speak to others? What words am I using? What tone am I using? If you find yourself in a regular position of giving feedback, make a conscious effort to maintain a positive attitude.


7. Passion


Passionate people are doers. Their smiles are contagious. When they speak, others listen. You don’t always have to be the most experienced person in the room. But you need that little bit of special sauce that makes others take note of your zest for life.


8. Being Coachable


As a small business owner, you’re already pretty switched on. We know that. But as new mentors and associates come into your life, it’s important to have a ‘go-getter’ sort of personality and be open to constructive criticism. This ability for self-reflection will not only improve your small business, but will also strengthen your mentorships. Searching for a coach? Read our article the subtle art of asking for advice.


9. Doing Extra


How can you add value to others? An example may be going out of your way to answer a phone call, or sending a handwritten thank you note to a client. The more you do, the more people will help you in return.


10. Being prepared


If you’ve read the ‘Art of War’ you’ll remember the importance of planning and preparation. Author and military strategist, Sun Tzu credits his success to the hours he spent meticulously devising and developing his battle plans. If you’re prepared for every possible outcome, there will be nothing that will catch you off guard.


Final thoughts - Perhaps ‘caring’ should be added to the list. When you care, you will grow. Soon your small business will blossom in no time.

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