5 first hires you should know about

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So you’re thinking about hiring for your small business but not sure what position to fill first?

Before you start the employee hunt, be sure you’re advertising for the right position. Here are five types of ‘first hires’ that can help grow your business.


1. The Virtual Assistant


Need someone to get on top of the scheduling, paperwork and market research? A virtual assistant may be your perfect first hire. They deal with the business calls and emails while you focus on what you do best.


Virtual assistants get paid by the hour and are an affordable option if you’re trying to launch your business while working full-time or studying.


2. The Co-founder


Have you thought about having a teammate to share the journey? Teams with more than one founder outperformed solo founders by a whopping 163%. The best co-founders will cover your weaknesses. They are the ying to your yang.


Zach Binder, COO at RankLab claims “Having a co-founder means that there is someone there who you trust to ‘watch the store’ while you are gone and who you know will keep productivity high.”


3. The Part-timer


Part-time work is anything under 35 hours per week. Many business owners are only starting to realise part-time hires are an untapped resource of highly experienced professionals.


A part-time hire will be a good match if you want results but only have a limited budget. They also make your business more agile by having support outside the normal 9am-5pm working hours.


It’s also an excellent way to test the waters before moving to a full-time option.


4. The Freelancer


As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate and may not have the time to learn every new skill under the sun -  from coding to copywriting, transcribing to taxation. But this is where outsourcing comes in handy.


By assigning specialist tasks to freelancers, you can get experts on the job to help your company thrive. Bonus - freelancers are not technically employees. This means they look after their own tax and superannuation.


5. The Business Coach


Are you feeling overwhelmed and desperately need help but don’t know what you would do (or even where to start) with a new employee? Then perhaps it’s time to hire a business coach.


Coaching is task-oriented and performance-driven. A coach may be the perfect first hire if you need a helping hand to guide your new business onwards and upwards.


Honcho Hint - Now you have a clearer idea about who you’ll hire, check out the process for onboarding a new employee.

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