6 New Year’s resolutions to help your business soar

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Now is the time to work on your business!

Will 2019 be your year? You better believe it. We’ve compiled our top New Years resolutions to help you soar.


✓ I Will Invest In My Education


Professional development doesn’t stop when you are a business owner. Did you know some of the greatest chefs in the world close their restaurant for four months a year and spend this time learning?


Why don’t you enrol in a class at a local university or soak up some knowledge online? Head over to Future Learn for free courses in anything from web analytics to mobile technology. The world is your oyster.


✓ I Will Automate Business Processes


Add back hours to your week by automating tedious day-to-day processes! How? If you’re spending too long replying to customer inquiries, create helpful FAQ video series. Or if you’re really daring, change the way you handle complaints by building a customer service chatbot.


Another automation idea you can make straight away is switching to accounting software. Streamline your invoicing to get paid faster. Bonus, your GST will be automatically calculated.


✓ I Will Go To Meet Up Events


Meet ups are a secret weapon for your career. They give you the opportunity to network and learn from like-minded people. Meet ups can help you get advice and grow your business. After all: “it’s not what you know but who you know”.


Come along to a Honcho meet up in 2019, headlined by inspiring industry leaders and speakers. Be the first to know the next date by joining Taking the Leap on meetup.com.


✓ I Will Organize A Personal Board Of Directors


As a small business owner, people are constantly looking at you for leadership and guidance. But remember you don’t have to hold the tent up on your own.


Your personal board of directors (PBOD) are a small group of friends, mentors and family members you can regularly check-in with for advice. On your PBOD, you want a variety of people with different perspectives to act as an honest sounding board. Your PBOD doesn’t have to be an official or paid position, it’s just a group you who cares about your success.


✓ I Will Be A Responsible Small Business Owner


There are many things you can do to be a responsible person like walking old ladies across the street and paying off your student debt. But as a small business owner, your actions have so much more positive power. Let’s face it, you’re kind of like a superhero.


So what will your super business do this year? Will you go green, take your small team out for lunch, or donate some of your goods or services to a charity? Learn more ways your small business can make money and feel good about it too.


✓ I Will Surround Myself With Positivity


“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” says motivational speaker Jim Rohn. Take a minute to contemplate how these people impact your life. Are they helping you reach your dreams?


Workspaces also impact your wellbeing. Ask yourself if your space has good light, clean air and passion oozing from every corner? Do you prefer the buzz of co-working offices or coffee shops or the tranquillity of a home office? Make strategic decisions about how you can surround yourself with more positivity.


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