7 milestones business owners should celebrate

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While you’re on your business journey, remember to take a moment to celebrate the wins.

We asked a handful of growing business owners to share with us some of their most memorable milestones moments.


1. My First Business Plan


“The Last Drops has always been a blue sky project. Without the help of a business plan, I would have found it very overwhelming to move forward. I like to think of my business plan as a map that helps guide me through turbulent waters. My business plan only took a few weeks to complete - but every now and again I add more to the document. It’s growing beast after all.”


Rafael Martins

Founder of The Last Drops Project



2. My First Office Space


“A carpenter's job is very noisy. There’s drilling, hammering and the radio cranked to the max. It’s a great atmosphere. But not so great for concentrating on paperwork. When I started my own business, I needed a space that was quiet. So I decided to renovate one of our spare bedrooms. The home office increased my productivity. It was a great step in the right direction.”


Allan Cable

Head Carpenter

Cable Building Services


3. My First Mentor


“Mentors are invaluable to drive your career forward. They offer nuggets of wisdom about how to embrace the lows, celebrate the highs and endure no matter what. I remember the sheer fear of opening up to my mentor and letting them into my world so that they could steer me in the right direction - sometimes opening my eyes to ugly but necessary truths. But once I did it, I felt so much better about my small business; knowing someone had my back and would be honest about where I was going.”


Ramon Samson

Freelance editor



4. My First Business Card


“My Etsy business had just launched a week prior and I was on a secret mission to see if my little business had the chops to keep up with the talented artisans at my favourite pop-up craft fair. I got chatting to a stall owner and decided this was the moment to take the plunge: I handed her my business card. I remember the moment so vividly because she was the first entrepreneur who knew ME as a fellow entrepreneur! It was a beyond awesome and validating feeling. And side note - next year I scored my own booth at the fair.”


Melissa ten Napel

Co-founder of With whom we



5. My First Paycheck


“I remember the first time I delivered a paid job - it was to make a small ‘about us’ video for a local business. The job wasn’t glamorous, and the pay wasn’t great. But it was the most incredible feeling to hand it over, knowing that what I had created was actually valuable to someone. Nothing beats that!”


Jamie McVicker

Freelance cinematographer & director



6. My First Employee


“My most memorable milestone was the time we had to onboard a new member into our team. It was getting too hectic to run the business on our own, so we put out an ad for a coder to help us. Our prayers were answered. And we never looked back.”


Kostia Liakhov

Co-owner of Bot Ad School



7. My First Tax Return


“Get a good accountant.” That was the best piece of advice my mum ever gave me. As a business owner herself, she knew the importance of staying on top of her finances. My accountant taught me about tax deductions for startups and how to organise receipts for future years. It was an awesome feeling when I submitted my first tax return. And it still is.”


Sophie Robertson

Founder of Sophie Robertson Scarves


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