Australia’s Top New Business Names of 2018

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Check out the winners of Honcho’s 2018 Top New Business Name in all their gutsy glory!

50,000 Australian business names were registered with Honcho this year. Some were a little gutsy and others were pure genius. We trawled the entire list to find the best of the best. So drum roll for 2018’s Top New Business Name...


I Wet My Plants


Number one on the list was a garden nursery founded by Nicole Thuijs in Western Australia. I WET MY PLANTS has won Honcho's Top New Business Name for 2018 award. Nicole will receive a dedicated Google Ads campaign to help new customers find her business online. Congratulations!


The other top contenders were pun-tastic, risqué and downright funny. Check out our Aussie favourites and have a laugh!


Those Who Don’t Give A Frappe


BEAN PEDDLIN, a coffee shop for cyclists in Queensland

LOVE YOU A LATTE, a coffee business in South Australia

GRINDING THE BEAN, a mobile coffee van in New South Wales


Those With Green Fingers


I WET MY PLANTS, a garden nursery in Western Australia (Winner)

LEAF US TO IT, a landscape business in Western Australia


Those Too Good For Their Own Food


RUB YOUR MEAT, a food spices business in Victoria

DONUT TOUCH MY BOX, an online desserts business in New South Wales


The Creative Wildcards


PAWZ 4 EFFECT, a dog grooming business in Queensland

U-C WE SPY, private investigators in New South Wales

SNIP TEASE, a hairdresser in New South Wales


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