Do tradies need their own insurance?

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What types of insurance cover can help tradies prepare for the unexpected?

No matter how careful you are at work, accidents happen. Whether you’re a builder, bricklayer, plumber or painter, you have a duty of care to protect the well-being of others.


It’s important for construction industry professionals to have the correct protection before stepping onto the job - even if your first few jobs are on the simpler side. So what types of insurance cover can help you prepare for the unexpected?


Legal Liability


This type of insurance covers legal and medical costs for damages to a person from an incident. For example, if a loose tile flies off a house and injures a pedestrian because you (or someone in your team) did not install a sufficient safety net. This insurance will help you stay in business if you were found legally liable.


Tools Of The Trade


This type of cover will protect your tools of the trade against fire, storms and theft. For example, your tools inside a securely locked van disappear overnight and you start work in one hour. Tools of the trade insurance would be able to help.


Tax Audit


This type of insurance will cover you in the event of being summoned for a tax audit by the ATO. You can be reimbursed the costs of any professional fees you've incurred in connection with the tax audit.


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