Habits of successful remote business owners

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4 tried and tested tips to transform you into an exceptional remote worker!

There are so many benefits of working remotely. You can work your own hours, in any city around the globe and make money from your passion. What’s not to love!

If you’re a small business owner looking to take the jump, here are four habits of exceptional remote business owners:

Own Your Schedule

You know your body better than anyone else. Does a lunchtime workout help your focus in the afternoon or would you prefer a nap? Tap into your internal body clock to maximise your peak productivity!

By owning your schedule and sticking to it, you will build up that endurance. Have you tried the Pomodoro Technique? The method uses a timer to split work into 25 minute intervals with a 5 minute break. Check out these other high performer tips to get your working day started!

Communicate Regularly

Working remotely means you may not always have the convenience of popping into the office next door for a question or picking up the phone. To keep your digital presence thriving, explore workflow tools like Google Drive to collaborate on projects and quickly share business files. Or set up a weekly video chat with your team! Bonus - communicating regularly also helps steer away loneliness.

Chime in regularly with your collaborator and clients. You may not be able to go for a happy hour drink, but find other ways to foster meaningful relationships.  

Eye On The Clock

If your colleagues and clients are overseas, keeping track of time zones is vital to your relationship. Schedule business emails through Boomerang or Mailbutler to avoid that awkward 3am email.

There’s nothing worse than waking up to angry emails because you accidentally slept through your important conference all! Stay on top of the world clock and remember daylight savings.

Learn To Say No

Maintaining healthy work-life balance can be tricky for anyone, but it’s even more difficult for remote employees. Learning how to say no will be one of your most valuable skills you develop.

When you start saying no, you have more time to say yes to the things that really matter - like going on that sneaky midweek beach trip.

Learn six effective ways to say no without stunting the growth of your small business by reading our article.


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