How to create the perfect home office

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Six tips to building a home office space that makes you work harder.

Home-run businesses can operate in rooms of all shapes and sizes. But the most productive home offices will be those that effectively separate your professional life from the personal.


Here are our top six tips for creating the perfect environment when you’re working from home:


1. Get Your Tetris On


Room adjustments can easily transform the smallest space into a professional office. You may be able to breathe new life into unused nooks and old furniture. Or explore space-efficient solutions like floating desks and wardrobe offices.


Test your Tetris skills by drawing up a floor plan using RoomSketcher. You may just realise a little spark of creativity can make a massive difference to your new office!


2. Go With The Flow


Start by ensuring your space is clutter-free. In Feng Shui theory, clutter represents unfinished business. Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” is a helpful guide to decluttering.


Another Feng Shui tip is finding the ‘power position’ in your office. Place your desk facing the main entrance to invite positive energy into the room.


3. Black To The Fuchsia


We all have our favourite colours, but perhaps you’ve never been aware of their influence on your productivity. Colour stimulates the nervous system - that’s why certain colours like purple and pink can impact your imagination.


When it comes to decorating your office, take the time to find the colours that work for you. To see a complete list of colour meaning, read this bespoke article written by a designer, retelling years of her colour knowledge.


4. Let There Be Light


The secret ingredient for a productive workspace is good light. Proper lighting can prevent eye strain, headaches and fatigue - as well improve productivity.


Choose a space for your office that allows for plenty of natural light during the day. In the evening, complement your workspace with lamps radiating soft, golden hues.


If you are limited on windows, learn how mirrors can help brighten any room.


5. Make A Stand


Sitting has been dubbed the new smoking. Research shows even if you hit the gym, sitting eight hours a day still has a negative impact on our health. Start by improving your sitting posture, invest in a good office chair, or consider standing desks.


Another benefit of having a home office is being able to stretch or go for a short walk every hour. Just a few minutes of movement can sweep away the physical and mental cobwebs.


6. Add A Floral Touch


Going green and decorating your office with plants is a natural way to rejuvenate your workspace. Air-purifying plants increase productivity and wellbeing by 50% by lowering stress levels and reducing office pollution. Unbe-leaf-able.

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