How to design your pop-up store (part 2)

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It’s time to channel your creativity!

Once you get the logistics out of the way (see how to launch a pop-up store), make your vision a reality. While it’s easy to lose yourself on Pinterest, here’s a straightforward list of things to consider when designing your store!




What vibe are you going for? Take inspiration from an era, an art movement, even a city, and design accordingly to evoke a unique atmosphere in your pop-up.




Your product may be visually captivating enough, but a little culture never goes astray. Hanging paintings or sketches are a great temporary way to vamp your space.


Change Rooms


Mirror mirror on the wall, do I want this product at all? Yes, your customer does, so make them more likely to buy with flattering lighting or a ‘try before you buy’ sample station.


Decals And Signage


If you can’t get a proper shop sign, consider decals. Window decals are a great, customisable and easily removable way to advertise your brand name so highlight when your stores operating dates and watch curious customers pour in.




Consider whether you want to feature certain products. Does your online site have a best seller? Bring attention to it in the middle of the store.




Antique record store? Linoleum manifests that retro vibe. New skin care line? Look clean and fresh with a polished floor. Whatever your product, you’ll see your customers put the right foot forward with the right flooring underneath them.




Nothing builds atmosphere like the right soundtrack. Your playlist will ignite the sensory experience that is your brand.




A lot of boutiques have random knick-knacks lying around. It may be unnecessary, but having a quirky symbol that represents your brand decorating the store are like freckles on the face - unique and one of a kind.


Product Placement


Whether feng shui or your mother’s way, arrange your products neatly and aesthetically. Your product placement will curate your store's entire image.




Keep your pop-up organised and get creative with your stock storage!




We all know of the “husband” chair in stores that keep painful co-shoppers placid, so it might be worth investing in suitable seating areas to make your customer’s shopping process all the more seamless. You can even take it as an opportunity to sit down and connect with your clients in person instead of online.


Keep your eyes peeled for our next installment “how to promote your pop-up store!”

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