How to get on the first page of Google

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95% of Australians use Google as their search engine. How can you get your small business ranking on top?

So you want your small business to show up on the first page of Google?


We hear you! Getting on that glorious first page can make or break a business. In fact - 75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of the Google search results.


Getting on the first page may seem impossible. Especially when you’re competing against bigger companies who pump millions of dollars into their SEO ranking.


But there is one solution for newer businesses - paid advertising.


What Is Paid Advertising?


Paid advertising is a form of digital advertising with the goal of boosting your brand and attracting customers. A 2016 study revealed 36-50% of consumers fail to differentiate between paid ads and organic content at the top of Google search results pages. Another win for the little guy!


The most cost-effective and reliable form of paid digital advertising is Google Ads (previously known as Adwords).


Google Ads are easily measured and can provide promising results for growing businesses. Here’s some other benefits:




Google Ads are a highly targeted form of advertising. Google will only show your ad to people who are genuinely looking for your products or services. They can be filtered via audience demographic, audience location, customer intent, content targeting and device targeting.


Google’s Economic Impact Report, claims businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads. You can’t argue with those results.


Fake It ‘Till You Make It


When people see an advertisement, they instinctively assume the business has money. Even if you don’t invest in any other type of advertising, Google Ads will give you that layer of credibility your brand deserves.


With over 70,000 questions searched on Google every second, it makes sense to pay a little to be seen. Check out this article about why small business owners can’t afford to avoid Google.


Test, Test, Test


Launch different Google Ads at the same time to compare their click-through rates. Compare the ad about your brand mission statement with the ad about your new product or service. You’ll quickly learn which ads are worth pursuing.


Google Ads lets you control your advertising costs and cut your dead ends.  For more hints, read about how you can be found on Google today by registering for a Google Business Listing.


Paid advertising can seem like a big step and you may be thinking “I’m not ready”. But with Honcho, spend time with a dedicated advertising manager and together we can create a personalised Google Ad campaign with 10 targeted keywords.

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