Do I need a business bank account?

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I’m just a sole trader, why would I need a separate business bank account?

Although it may appear easier to keep your business transactions within your personal account it can actually complicate things. Whilst there are no legal obligations for a sole trader to open a business bank account, there are many benefits in doing so.


1. Cash Flow


Easily track and manage your business income and expenses. Using personal bank accounts can create cash flow confusion as there’s no clear separation of business income and expenses.


2. Tax Time


Separating personal and business transactions allow for clean record keeping. Tax write-offs require proof of purchase*, therefore separating funds provides clarity.


3. Professionalism


Appear more professional and build trust by receiving and making payments in your business name. When money is deposited customers can see the business linked with the account. Initiate a trusted relationship with your customers from early on, appear established and professional.


4. Not A Hobby


By establishing a business dedicated bank account it provides proof to the government that the work is legitimate and intends to make a profit.


5. Flexibility


Most business accounts allow more than one person to be authorised to act on behalf of the business, representatives of the business can authorise card transactions and make deposits relieving burden from the business owner.


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