Steps to getting your domain name today!

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Naming your business’s domain can be daunting, complex and permanent. Here at Honcho, we understand this so we’ve identified key steps to take when researching and registering.

Put simply, a domain name is the link to your business’s online destination. This gives your website a memorable, easy to use name and address that your customers can type into their web browser to find your website.


Perhaps you’re wondering, do I need a website? Having a website means you can go beyond your physical store and be found and seen by anyone (that’s everyone around the world using the internet!) searching online for your product or service.


Anyone searching online for your product or service can find out more about you, have their questions answered, browse through your offering and if you sell your wares online, be able to purchase with a few clicks.


Here’s our checklist to securing your domain today:


1. Brainstorm Your Business Name


For some, your business name is already a given.  For others, you’re still dreaming up the name of your empire. Here’s a few tricks to get your creative juices flowing:


Catch up on history: How did you come up with your business idea? What inspired you and why did you get started? Reflecting on the origins of your business might trigger great words, names and dates that root your domain name in your passion and history.


Draw a mind map: Drawing out the words associated with your business idea, products, services, story and other details might end up in surprising connections and ideas. Do this with pen and paper, a whiteboard, or try free digitally, with tools like Mindmup, Xmind or Bubble.


Everything is inspiration: Legendary filmmaker Quentin Tarantino is famous for mixing up influences from anywhere.  Some of the best business names are based on what owners favourite films, music or comfort food. Steve Jobs was a fruitarian, and CEO of Apple. Coincide? Maybe not.


Play with words: Try putting two words together (YouTube), removing vowels (Tumblr) or creating a brand new word altogether (Ninyo). Here’s a handy site that spits out great combinations and variations for you.


Use a business name generator: the name of your online business could be at the touch of a refresh button. Try Namium, names4brands, Domainr or Namestation.


2. Check That It Looks And Sounds Alright


Domain names should be memorable, but for the right reasons. A great idea in your mind can look completely different when written or said out loud. Here’s a few examples we found that will remind you to double check your domain name:


IT Scrap →

Teacher’s Talking →

Children’s Wear UK →

Via Grafix →


3. Is Your Chosen Domain Available?


Finally you’ll need to check if your domain is available for you to register.  With Honcho, you’ll be able to check the availability before you register.  If it’s a yes, follow the prompts and proceed to lock it down. If it’s taken, consider what you can tweak, add or remove to come up with a domain that’s still available.


The glorious moment has arrived, you’ve done the preparation and ready to register your domain name!

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