The subtle art of asking for advice

1 min read

Starting a business can feel like a wild goose chase, find your mojo with our five Honcho hints about seeking advice!

1. Bond With A Community


Grab a friend and register to a or Eventbrite gathering. Events are a fantastic way to gain advice from like minded people and ask about tricky questions.


2. Listen To Podcasts


Podcasts are great for broadening your business knowledge. Tune into TED Talks Business or some of our other crowd favourites.


3. Pick The Brains Of Experts


Try using LinkedIn to organise a professional coffee meeting. Many experts would be happy to share their business insights. A little kindness and flattery goes a long way.


4. Free Courses


There is plenty of knowledge to soak up online. Head over to Future Learn for free courses in web analytics, digital marketing or transitioning to mobile. The world is your oyster.


5. Don't Give Up


We know launching a business is stressful but hang in there. Soon you'll be unstoppable!

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