Unjumbling Acronyms: CSR

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Get a crash course in corporate social responsibility and learn how it can make your new business even more awesome.

We all dream of being responsible business owners. But running a 100% ethical, organic and sustainable business can seem overwhelming and impossible in the first few years.


So what can you do to make more mindful and responsible business decisions? We suggest learning about CSR.


CSR stands for corporate social responsibility. According to the Australian Human Rights Commission, CSR measures the economic, social and environmental impact of business activity and its positive or negative influence on the world.


In a nutshell, CSR is about the goodwill of your company that goes above and beyond what’s required by law.


Here are three ways your small business can make money and feel good about it too:


1) The Gift Of Giving


Hear about TOMS Shoes? For every pair sold, the company donates one pair to a child in need. Or perhaps you know about Koala Mattress? For every mattress sold, a sick or injured koala is adopted by a Koala Hospital.


Both companies have revolutionised their industries because of a responsible ethos. So whether you’re brainstorming your next startup idea, or already making money from your small business, look into the gift of giving - big or small, it will make a difference.


2) Go Green


Sourcing green energy or going carbon neutral is probably not one of your KPIs right now. But there are plenty of ways your small business can help the environment. If you’re a builder, engineer, artist or designer, try chatting about eco-friendly options with clients. The installation of good-quality, green materials will be worth the investment for both the environment and your wallet down the track.


If you’re a freelancer or consultation, explore some eco-friendly fonts like Garamond, Ryman Eco, and Ecofont Sans that could save you money and paper.


Or if you work from home (or plan to in the future), take this opportunity to make some changes to perfect your office space.


3) Volunteer Days


One of the easiest ways to positively contribute to your community is volunteering! Yes, work days are busy but volunteering brings a sense of purpose. Fight food waste with Oz Harvest or sign up as a reading volunteer at Vision Australia.


Even if you are a sole trader, volunteering once or twice a year is a fantastic way to rejuvenate your spirits.


Is all this goodness and generosity, worth it? Yes, in fact 92% of consumers claim they have a positive image of brands that support social issues and environmental efforts.


Honcho Hint - Don’t be afraid to share your CSR with the world. Document your volunteer outings on social media, or share your eco-improvements on your website. All positive actions big and small will make a difference - and influence others to follow.

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