What do your brand colours say about you?

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Brand colours shouldn't be a grey area for your business. Enhance your marketing effectiveness by learning the science behind colour.

Your brand is one of the first things a customer will notice about your company. Colour can stimulate the nervous system and put your customers in a buying mood. Let’s explore which colours can help your business make money faster.


Many of the feelings we have about today’s colours are rooted in biology. Our stone age ancestors learnt green conveyed growth after harsh winters, yellow embodied optimism as the morning sun rose and red presented danger thanks to poisonous flora like toadstools and venomous insects like Redbacks spiders.


The modern-day meaning of colour has also been shaped by culture, language, cinema, art and marketing. Let’s take a look at today’s most popular brand colours.


Red: Excitement, passion and power.

Orange: Safety, harmony and fun.

Yellow: Optimism, confidence and creativity.

Green: Patience, growth and restoration.

Blue: Calmness, security, and freshness.

Purple: Imagination, spirituality and quality.

Black: Sophistication, authority and glamour.


Selecting the right colour pallet is integral for your brand personality. Have a think about the role of colour in some of Australia’s most popular brands: Bunnings, Cadbury or Woolworths.


Next time you’re looking at your brand logo, website, powerpoint presentation or marketing collateral - ask yourself if you are using colour to the best of your ability.


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