What does your landing page say about your business?

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“Do I trust this brand?” The number one question your customers will ask while skimming over your website’s landing page.

A landing page (which can often be the home page) is where your brand can connect with new customers. Did you know 35% of small businesses don’t have a landing page and are now missing out on potential sales!


We explored some of the websites Honcho has launched for our clients to identify which factors make trustworthy and memorial brands.


Striking Opening Image


Just like in a movie or a fashion show, make sure your opening image is striking. As few as 20% of website visitors scroll down on a web page. So it’s important to capture their attention immediately with a strong brand image.


For a great reference, check out this scrumptious image on Tasty Gourmet Nuts.


Get To The Point


In our time-poor society make sure your landing page is simple and comprehensive. Check out how Rare Floors tackled this problem.


They started with a solid headline, supporting subheading and rounded off with some details about their flooring services. With strong web writing, they were able to simply and efficiently explain their business to any new customers.


Did you know businesses can improve existing conversion rates by up to 113% with great web writing?




“Content today is judged by its sincerity and believability” states an article from Forbes. Customers want to know they can trust the business and will get a good return on their investment.


Bunjee’s Books used a well-loved technique for making their brand appear more authentic. By featuring a note from the author on the landing page, they were able to humanise the business and remind the customer of the real person behind the brand.


Other ways of building authenticity are by sharing snippets of your brand’s vision and by including testimonials.


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