Why businesses can’t afford to avoid Google

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70,000 questions are searched on Google every second. Yet, why are there still some business owners refusing to jump online?

It’s the 20th year of Google’s existence and this very second 72,387 searches will be made. We can all agree that Google has certainly changed the world.


The Sydney Morning Herald described our love affair with Google as if we are “tethered to it like an astronaut to an air tank”.


Google is also more than just the world’s most powerful search engine. There’s also Google Maps, Google Cloud, Google Translate, Google Ads, Google Docs and 36 other products in their line up.


So if we can’t live our life without it, why are 35% of small businesses still hesitant about making the move online? Here are some of the most common reasons why businesses can no longer afford to avoid Google:


Out Of Sight. Out Of Mind.


88% of shoppers conduct online research prior to making a physical purchase, according to an Australian report. And if you’re not online, imagine all those potential customers that will never know about your business.


Automation Domination


Google can help automate many of your business processes to save you hours each day. For example, instead of repeating FAQs over email, new customers will be delighted to find all the answers they need on your website page.


Or instead of answering phone calls about the quality of your business, new customers can relax when they read testimonials on your Google Listing.


Two For One


Over the last decade, digital advertising has taken the world by storm. And there’s a good reason for it. Google’s Economic Impact Report, claims businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads.


Google Ads can boost your brand and bottom line by targeting online customers directly who are searching for your products or services. The findings also noted that the top ad spots on Google received over 70% traffic. Food for thought.


And to wrap up, some wise words from Google-watcher Jonathan Taplin says: "It's Google's world; we just live in it."


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