What’s the best tool to build your website?

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WordPress powers 30% of all websites, so that’s a good start

Without a website, does your business exist in this competitive world? In fact, 97% of internet users search for local businesses online. So why wouldn’t you make the jump online?


Well, for one, you may not know where to begin. With countless website build platforms to choose from it can be an overwhelming decision. Secondly, you may not be familiar with developing a website (don’t worry, most people aren’t!).


Luckily, you can easily build a website with WordPress or use a service to create one on your behalf for a variety of business purposes. WordPress is considered to be the best CMS (content management system) for web development, and we’ll tell you why!


Did you know that WordPress powers 30% of all websites? Beyond the basics, there are numerous features which set it apart from its competitors.




Themes and Plugins


WordPress offers thousands of pre-designed website templates also known as themes. Making it super easy for beginners while also catering to different tastes and needs.


Along with themes, there is an abundance of plugins available. Plugins help with aspects of the website like controlling the content, uploading images and videos, analytics and tracking and taking payments.


The flexibility of WordPress means you are in total control of the site. Alternatively, you can hire a WordPress expert to build the website and implement themes and plugins.


SEO Friendly


Search engine optimisation also known as SEO, assists in how your website organically ranks in search engine results. SEO is imperative to the success of your website, it will be difficult for your business to gain online customers or conversions if no one can find the site.


This is where WordPress comes in handy, they make it simple when it comes to the addition of content and keywords which will help your site rank better. Moreover, if you hire a WordPress expert they can add SEO coding to boost it even further.


Mobile Optimisation


In 2018 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones. So when building a website you want to ensure it’s optimised for mobile (smart phones and tablets). This means the site will adjust according to the size of the viewer’s screen. WordPress themes are mobile optimised without needing to code the site. Your site visitors will, therefore, have an enjoyable experience and will be more likely to interact and engage with your site.


Additionally, Google prioritises mobile optimised sites in their ranking of search engine results.




WordPress is a safe and secure platform. With regular security updates released, they ensure there are no data breaches or hacks of your website.


If you’re ready to jump on the website bandwagon, chat to one of our specialists today! We guarantee a 1-week turnaround for your WordPress website development.

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