Will cutting corners hurt your small business?

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Why the 2019 Ethical Fashion Guide is the perfect nudge Australian business owners needs!

If you’ve been keeping your eyes on the news, you may have noticed the storm that’s brewing after the release of the 2019 Ethical Fashion Guide.


The report ranked Australian and New Zealand brands from A+ to F;  taking into account living wage, workers rights and overall welfare.


The report has placed a spotlight on the garment industry’s corner cutting. But it has also left many newly-educated customers angry, confused and sceptical about the future.


So what can you do today to reignite your customers trust?


1) Celebrate The Small Wins


Running a 100% fairtrade, organic and sustainable business may seem totally unrealistic. But think about the small decisions you make day-to-day that have a positive impact on the world.


Share your progress on social media and remind your customers to cheer you on. Every small win will help you on the road to developing a long-term corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan. Need a primer in CSR? Visit the Honcho’s unjumbling acronyms guide.


2) Customer Coloured Glasses


Do your actions match your thoughts? In an interview with Inc, Mark Pastin, CEO of the Council of Ethical Organisations states: “Small companies are judged by their character more than big companies are. Most people understand that the way a small company behaves clearly reflects the leadership."


It’s not easy to do the right thing. But in the small business world, every decision will improve your overall brand image.


3) Reward Loyalty


Australians take pride in locally made and owned businesses. According to a 2018 American Express report, 70% of customers shop at small businesses at least once a week. To continue improving customer relationships, reward their loyalty for spending that little bit more with your ethically-conscious company


When was the last time you celebrated your customers for doing the right thing and not cutting corners? Delight them with a thank-you email or a positive infographic printed inside your packaging box!


Honcho Hint - The 2019 Ethical Fashion Guide is a good reminder for businesses all around Australia to continue strengthening their moral compass. Every decision counts - no matter how big or small.


Looking for other ways to strengthen relationships with your customers? Check out these five customer-loving tips.

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